Iorter Peter is a Nigerian journalist based in the nation’s capital, Abuja. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Safer-Media Initiative. His organization has been striving to advance the Freedom and Safety of Journalists, also promoting responsible journalism in Nigeria and across Africa. In the last two years, his flagship campaign to end impunity for crimes against journalists has been consistent.

In 2017 Iorter was invited by the multiple awards winning journalist and most ‘decorated’ investigative journalist in Africa, Emmanuel Mayah to join his team that kicked start Nigeria’s first non-profit investigative Newspaper, Satellite Times where he is currently a member of the editorial team.

The Satellite Times team has made groundbreaking investigations including, exposing MTN’s use of Fraudulent Certificate of Capital Imports (CCIs) to repatriate $14 billion from Nigeria. Following the investigation, the telecommunication giant was sanctioned by Nigeria’s Central Bank.

He is also a senior researcher at the International Centre for Development Reporting, (ICDR) where he has worked on specific projects supported by the European Union (EU). He has also worked as a senior correspondent and a Newspaper Columnist.

Looking back, Iorter recalls how he began his university education in accounting with no idea he would become a Journalist. At a time after his studies in accounting, he found himself doing Journalism. Years later, he returned to higher education and completed a graduate course in Journalism and post graduate studies in Public Relations and Advertising. He believes that responsible journalism can empower citizens with information which will lead to awareness that can stimulate action leading to positive change and he says, “I feel driven to make that change happen”.
Mr. Iorter Peter
Founder/Executive Director
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