Everyday journalists are harassed, arrested and sometimes killed. In 2018 and even the previous years, Nigeria ranked among 14-countries where killers of journalists go unpunished.

Journalists put their lives on the line to gather and report the news; exposing corruption, broken promises of those in power, abuse of office, and reporting developments around the environment.

In doing all that they do, the people are at the centre. Because citizens have the right to know what is happening around them; that is why journalists risk their lives to share crucial information that has unfolding implication on the lives of the people.

Safer-media Initiative is working to ensure that journalists are able to report freely and safely without any fear of intimidation. We are leading the campaign to end injustice against journalists in Nigeria and across Africa.

We also believe that helping journalists to report responsibly is essential; that is why we regularly organize training for journalists to strengthen their reporting skills and build their knowledge in areas relevant to their practice.

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