SAFER-MEDIA INITIATIVE is a leading not-for-profit and non-governmental organization in Nigeria for the advancement of media freedom and safety of journalists, also working to promote responsible journalism.

At Safer-Media Initiative, we believe that responsible journalism practice in a climate of freedom and safety provides a foundation block for a democratic society and a catalyst for development: it gives voice to the voiceless in the society and empowers citizens to hold governments accountable.

Our goal is not only that everyone is giving a voice, but that every voice is respected.

In Nigeria, though under a civilian regime, the media is not free from the repression that characterized it during the military era; we understand how it is dangerous for journalists and citizens to criticize the government’s inability to provide qualitative leadership.

Consequently, journalists suffer incessant harassment, physical violence, arbitrary arrest and detention by agents of government including the Department of State Service and the Police.

At Safer-media Initiative, we see such actions as clearly against the principle of press freedom and the right of citizens to hold and express opinion. We consider it a grave threat to our nascent democracy.

We are here to defend the media, grow and sustain democracy for the good of the people.

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